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Subject: Re: [Urgent] Need help Sendmail -> Postfix
From: Oliver Schade (schadembi-berlin.de)
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 13:33:05 CDT

Hi again,

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, Oliver Schade wrote:
> > You might check /etc/nsswitch.conf to see if your local password file is
> > being served by NIS instead of /etc/passwd.
> Well, it is a RedHat 6.2de-box. I just found within /etc/sysconfig/network
> a line containing NISDOMAIN=ssg-bln-de (maybe from earlier tests).

Strike! Error one (NIS) fixed, an other one raised:

Jun 21 19:19:24 smtp1 postfix/local[3468]: 4235D78A3:
to=<Els-la00+infosmtp1.bln-de.serverpool.net>, relay=local, delay=11,
status=bounced (unknown user: "els-la00+info")
Jun 21 19:19:24 smtp1 postfix/local[3469]: 5A96A789F:
to=<Els-la00smtp1.bln-de.serverpool.net>, relay=local, delay=11,
status=bounced (unknown user: "els-la00")

How do I enable accounts with one or more uppercase-letters?

Thanks, Oliver