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Subject: Question
From: Ken Ivey (kiveypennypi.com)
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 10:33:07 CDT

This is probably a "newbie" question, but I'm a newbie, so I'll just ask...

I'm currently using mailman to manage a mailing list of about 35,000 users.
I really don't need all the functionality of a mailman or majordomo, but
need to be able to send periodic bulk messages to all my subscribers. In
addition, its really a pain maintaining the separate user list for the
mailing list. What I would really like to do is create a single email
message addressed to 35,000 people and drop it in a directory and let
postfix take it from there for delivery.

Questions: Can I create a single email with 35,000 email addresses in the
BCC field? or maybe address a single mail message to an alias file? Or do
I need to create many identical email messages with a smaller number of
recipients in each message? Is there a limit on the size of an email
header? Can anyone point me to any good reading material for basic
education in this area?