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Subject: Re: More virtuals incompatabilities
From: Michael Tokarev (mjttls.msk.ru)
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 11:44:46 CDT

Chuck Dale wrote:
> [/etc/postfix/virtuals]
> infosueu.org.au billbobyankee.com
> ..
> [/etc/postfix/aliases]
> eu-it "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post eu-it"
> ..
> When I send mail to eu-itsueu.org.au, the mail is being rejected. This
> worked fine in sendmail. I have tried both with

And the same question again: what's your $mydestination?
It should accept mails to eu-it$mydestination (giving it to mailman),
and to infosueu.org.au, redirecting it to billbobyankee.com
(the last is true only if you also have
   sueu.org.au something
in virtual).
If you want to have postfix accepts mail to eu-itsueu.org.au, specify
   eu-itsueu.org.au eu-it
   eu-itsueu.org.au eu-it$mydestination
in virtual.

The two lines you give in your example has not related to each other...
Maybe you just cut&n&pasted the wrong line?

> [Side question: Is it still possible to get a "User does not exist"
> rejection (immediately - not bounce) even when local_recipient_maps
> is empty?]

No, smtpd will permit any _local_ address in this case -- that is
But it still can reject unknown users in virtuals, such as:

    some.dom virtual
    onesome.dom something-sensitive
    twosome.dom something-sensitive

In this case, only {one,two}some.dom will be accepted, but not
threesome.dom. BTW, don't know how it will operate if some.dom
is a part of $mydestination.