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Subject: Re: info requested
From: Lars Hecking (lheckingnmrc.ie)
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 10:09:04 CDT

> Gateway server class machine
> with 2 Intel 700+ MHZ processors
> 1gb of Ram
> a totally of 150 - 200gb of Disk space (scsi, with aha2940 UW card)
> Would this setup be able to handle the daily torment (close to ~2k messages
> a second) of a mail relay?

 170 million messages a day? Quite impressive.

> with amavis doing virus detection?
 No way. I'd guess that even a 450 wouldn't be able to do this with a
 current version of amavis, even if tweaked to run with eg. SpeedyCGI.

 Rather than amavis, I'd suggest to use something like Bennett Todd's
 mailfilt/tailbiter. Maybe combined with offloading the actual scanning
 to another machine.