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Subject: "real" virtual (was :accepting mails for domains (aka relay))
From: Deim Agoston (agoidg.hu)
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 16:37:00 CDT

> Relay_domains
> Syntax:
> Specify zero or more domain names, /file/name patterns
> and/or type:name lookup tables, separated by whitespace and/or
> commas. A /file/name is replaced by its contents; type:name requests
> that table lookup is done instead of string comparison.
> from: http://postfix.eu.org/uce.html#relay_domains
Fine ! So that's what I need and I've been around in my thoughts. Phew !
I'm not worried anymore to change from sendmail to postfix here too.
Another question. Is it possible to create separate users for virtual
domains with separate mailboxes ? I tell you what I mean. I want to host 3
domains on the same machine. I want that I can have John Doe in
virtual1.hu and John Doe in virtual2.hu but they are searate users. They
have separate mailboxes and so on. Or should I use what's written in the
FAQ and use Delivered to : header tag and put all mail for virtual domains
into one mailbox ? Will it cause problem to linux users (more precisely :
non-Windows users).