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Subject: Re: incoming envelope?
From: Mark W. Eichin (eichinthok.org)
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 19:50:03 CDT

Ok, for a real example:

qmail control/locals and control/rcpthosts both contain sonri.org.
(me, defaultdomain, locals, plusdomain, and rcpthosts all also contain
thok.org, which is the "real" domain, rather than a virtual one.)
Corresponding to that, on the postfix install I have

sonri.org whatever
sonri.org thok.org

in /etc/postfix/virtual-easy, and
myorigin = thok.org
virtual_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual-easy,regexp:/etc/postfix/virtual

in main.cf (the idea being to have the trivial ones in a hash instead
of regexping everything; there are a fair number of entries in

On the postfix system, if I "mail" (which runs sendmail which runs
postdrop) to effiesonri.org, I only get
Delivered-To: effiethok.org

In fact, if I bcc it, "sonri.org" never appears anywhere in any
header. But again, that's the obscure local case.

On the qmail system, the same "mail" gets
Delivered-To: effiesonri.org

If I smtp-mail the postfix system, I get
Delivered-To: effiethok.org
Received: from ... for <effiesonri.org>;

I hope that's clear enough, and that I haven't dropped any key
references. The regexp virtual map has a few other domains in it that
aren't relevant (they match no strings mentioned here; if that is
unconvincing I can try again with it empty, but I really don't think
it is at issue, just trying to be complete...)

I'm assuming that the above behaviour is intentional, and not a bug;
if it might actually be a bug, let me know and I'll include log
fragments or whatever other debugging info is needed (though it should
be trivial enough to reproduce.) I'm using the Debian 0.0.19991231pl05-2
version, as shipped with Debian 2.2 ("potato"), if that matters.

                        _Mark_ <eichinthok.org>
                        The Herd Of Kittens

ps. Has anyone come up with a more obvious placeholder than
"whatever"? giving a better hint as to why the LHS is there? (If I
understand what is going on, it is just a tag to let a probe for the
raw domain name come back with "yes, it's worth bothering to process
that one here" or something close to that...)