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Subject: Re: quota & postfix question
From: Brad Knowles (blkskynet.be)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 07:18:57 CDT

At 10:52 AM +0000 2000/9/11, Ralf Hildebrandt wrote:

> Yup. Would be nice. And save bandwidth. Perhaps this will be addressed in
> Wietse's restructuring of the inter-daemon communication.

        Even if the LMTP implementation allowed this option, since
postfix takes a "queue and deliver" solution to all mail, you've
still got the same problem.

        The *only* way you could avoid receiving a message that was too
large for a particular mailbox (but smaller than the system-wide
maximum message size limitation) would be for the "smtpd" within
postfix to check a database or an outside program for each and every
recipient to see if that message is "okay" to be received.

        In fact, I believe that Wietse has some plans to do precisely
this sort of thing for future anti-junkmail controls, and it could be
easily extended to handle things like mailbox quotas, etc... as well.
However, that feature is not here yet.

>>Do we _have_to_receive_ to know size of letter?
> With SMTP yes, with ESMTP no.

        And even with the advanced external daemon feature discussed
above, you'd still have a problem with SMTP of having to receive the
message first.

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