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Subject: Re: Two Postfix instances on one machine
From: Lorrie Wood (lwoodsnugharbor.com)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 19:29:25 CDT

On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 05:13:34PM -0700, Stephen Bolinger wrote:
> All,
> I'm currently attempting to get two instances of postfix up and running
> simultaneously on the same machine. When I attempt to start the second
> one, I get the message that postfix is already running. I've installed
> the second instance in all different directories. Here's what I'm trying:
> [rootmail2-mdr postfix.switch]# pwd
> /usr/sbin/postfix.switch
> [rootmail2-mdr postfix.switch]# ./postfix -c /etc/postfix.switch start
> postfix-script: fatal: the Postfix mail system is already running
> Any ideas? Does anyone out there have multiple instances of Postfix running
> on the same box? I've searched through the archive and the docs, and I
> haven't found anything that details how to do this. Thanks!

        I have not two, but *three* instances of postfix running. You
do not need more than one copy of the binaries, however you *do* need
duplicates of the outbound mail queue directories and of the
configuration directories.

        However, the command I run is just like yours -- here's an
excerpt from my rc scripts:

/usr/sbin/postfix -c /etc/mail/snugharbor start
/usr/sbin/postfix -c /etc/mail/thetroth start
/usr/sbin/postfix -c /etc/mail/nerdalfheim start:

        ... and this works. Each main.cf points to a different IP
address and only listens to that IP address. Your problem may, perhaps,
be that you still have your postfix instances listening to *all*
IP's on the machine, which is incorrect.

        The above assumes IP aliasing, however -- why are *you*
runnning multiple instances of postfix?

-- Lorrie