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Subject: Re: CDB map for postfix
From: Matthias Andree (madt.e-technik.uni-dortmund.de)
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 09:03:38 CDT

Michael Tokarev <mjttls.msk.ru> writes:

> Ok. It is really unclean from "public domain" statement in source.
> Does someone interested in having cdb in postfix at all?
> It seemed to be that this is only one map (yet) that can be easily
> implemented inside postfix itself, not having to require any external
> support libraries.

I never noticed Postfix required external support libraries. It surely
does, it depends on libc, on libdb or libdbm, whatever else a specific
system may consider standard linkage, still gdbm and db come with most
Linux distributions, Solaris seems to come with dbm.

What is the particular problem you are trying to solve by incorporating
cdb into Postfix?

Would Wietse want to incorporate a beta software? I doubt that.

The whole point of using external libraries is to _use_ a well-known,
established code base rather than to replicate it.

Incorporating libraries IMO is a bad idea since you then have additional
code to maintain that is beyond your actual control and beyond the scope
of your software, usually.

cdb support would be fine (though I don't need it for the low-volume
sites, plus I haven't seen data bases die so far), but I oppose against
integrating the entire cdb thing.

Matthias Andree