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Subject: RE: Postfix and vacation w/ aliases
From: Rod Longanilla (rlonganillanm2.com)
Date: Fri Sep 15 2000 - 20:45:01 CDT

I apologize if this has been mentioned, but i've been out of the loop with
the "postfix and vacation" thread. In any case I got my vacation working
(with aliases) with a few quirks. If anyone has an easier implementation,
please let me know.

I'm using Solaris 2.7, postfix-19991231-pl08, my vacation binary is:
15028 Sep 1 1998 /usr/bin/vacation

I setup the users account via the standard vacation setup procedure outlined
in the man pages. A quick email test verified it working properly when
using the actual account name. However, when I emailed using the users
aliases, it gets sent to the user, but doesn't send the vacation mesg back.
(I cleared the db with vacation -I for each test and watched the message


john.dough: jdough

Since I couldn't get the aliases to work properly, and this was a
last-minute-get-it-done-now order, I did this mangled set up. I also wanted
to preserve the users public email address (aliases), in the headers. If
anyone has an easier solution to this, i'm all eyes.

I enabled sender_canonical and recipient_canonical in main.cf
The canonical files are as follows:

  # this just rewrites the sender to preserve the users public email addy. I
probably don't need this since I label this in the From: field in the
vacation message.
  jdoughmycompany.com john.doughmycompany.com

  #this one fixes the aliases part.
  john.doughmycompany.com jdoughmycompany.com

postmap, postfix reload, and everything seems to be working.


  I've only been using postfix for less than 2 months now. We were using a
G3 Macintosh with some application for SMTP/POP3 and sendmail for other
needs. It was a nightmare to maintain and administer, and the Mac crashed
often. I heard of postfix from a friend, and 2 weeks later we were in
production with barely a hiccup (screwed up on virtual mappings)! Awesome
app, thanks Wietse!!