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Subject: Re: Continue: quota & postfix - how could be implemented?
From: Bruno L. F. Cabral (brunoopenline.com.br)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 11:18:41 CDT

Hi there

you can force users quota using maildir ... just use mrSam's maildrop
or cyrus for delivering user messages. there are even a SUMMARY for
each on postfix-users archive (I can post the relevant messages to
anyone interested)

for POP using maildir, qmail's qpop3d works very well (except that
I can't make it log i.e. unsucessfull password attempts or Stats
about mail retrieving -- if anyone has hints on that, I'd greatelly

as there is the mailbox quota patch floating around and maildir lacks
the same level of control, one option could be integrate the
maildir++ patch into postfix' maildir AND use a map instead of a file
(onto maildir/ dir) to save the quota info

mrSam's maildir++ patch does a good job on tracking maildir quotas
even if your POPD doesn't update that info. maildrop is worth a look!

just my $0.02


> imagine updating this map by checking mailsizes for 10,000 users, esp. if
> it's a MailDir mailbox type, like Brad said. It'd take forever and a day.
> by the time you finished, the beginning of the map could possibly be
> already outdated