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Subject: Re: Postfix & Logcheck
From: Ralf Hildebrandt (news-list.postfix.usersinnominate.de)
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 07:05:03 CDT

On 19 Sep 2000 13:53:38 +0200, Matthias Krawen <Matthias_Krawencompositiv.de> wrote:
>Hi !
>I'm starting to use postfix and was wondering if there is a list of
>expressions for logcheck for:
>postfix-actions-log-entrys which are definitly normal actions (dont need
>any user monitoring)
>postfix-actions-log-entrys which are definitly not sane
>Sorry if this question is asked the xxx-time, but I looked up all
>FAQs/OnlineManuals for postfix I could find. It's not documented very
>"deeply", isn't it ?

Use Jim Sun's pflogsumm.pl instead. It's better suited for that particular
purpose. Otherwise: grep for "fatal", "warning" and "panic" :)

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