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Subject: Re: Postfix & Logcheck
From: Rask Ingemann Lambertsen (rask-postfixkampsax.k-net.dk)
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 17:18:19 CDT

Den 19-Sep-00 17:42:21 skrev Lars Hecking fĝlgende om "Re: Postfix & Logcheck":
>Jim Seymour writes:
>> Why not simply run mailq?
> Because that gives you only information about mails that are currently in
> the queue, i.e. doesn't cover hard bounces. The other method basically finds
> everything that did not lead to successful mail delivery, such as RBL/access
> map rejects and so on.

>Sep 19 09:52:41 bastion.nmrc.ucc.ie postfix/smtpd[13100]: reject: RCPT from
>mail.fm99.lt[]: 554 Service unavailable; []
>blocked using relays.mail-abuse.org.; from=<betty4ucatlover.com>

>Sep 19 09:55:39 bastion.nmrc.ucc.ie postfix/smtpd[13721]: reject: RCPT from
>ccserv.ucc.ie[]: 554 <DJFreeTravelServices.com>: Sender
>address rejected: Access denied; from=<DJFreeTravelServices.com>

   K-net uses grep/awk/sed to convert such lines from the log files into
HTML tables, one for each type of restriction. The conversion is run out of
cron every hour. While the conversion to HTML works fine, the excessive
deficiencies of the browsers we've tried so far means that it isn't as
useful as it should be, since it appears that all browsers we've tried
prefer to be fed HTML documents of not much more than about ten lines.
We've had to limit the tables to only the most recent 15 k lines, which in
many cases isn't enough for even one hour's worth of logs, and still
browsers have lots of trouble coping with it.


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