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Subject: Postfix and Exchange, oh joy
From: Malcolm Tester (MTestercambric.com)
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 17:57:18 CDT

I'm now running 3 mail servers successfully. Postfix on my firewall
gateway, Postfix on my internal UNIX mail server, and then Exchange on the
NT side. When mail comes in, it is routed through
Postfix->Postfix->Exchange. outgoing mail is just the opposite generally.
(Exchange->Postfix->Postfix). The real problem I had when converting from
Sendmail this weekend was something I probably would have known if I hadn't
been so tired :). Sendmail looks at an alias (user: userexchangeserver)
and passes it on. Postfix however, qualifies the name before passing it on
(userexchangeserver.cambric.com). Lo and Behold, Exchange doesn't care
about qualification at all. It looks at the email addresses for a user and
rejects/accepts based on that. And the exchange maintainer here had it set
up with unqualified addresses. So it was rejecting users' mail simply
because the domain name was proper. go figure.

I have one slight thing that is going on now, and I'm not sure how to
approach it. I use canonical maps to rewrite incoming mail to the qualified
domain name I want. However, it seems to pass _all_ mail through to that,
whether the user locally exists or not. For example. With Sendmail, if a
user didn't locally exist, or there was no entry in the aliases file for it,
the mail bounced then and there. Now, it sends it on through to the
Exchange server, which then bounces it, but I'd prefer it to bounce at the
first phase. I tried using the relocated_maps to do so, but that seems to
be ignored. ideas?

(note: all valid users on Exchange also have local accounts on the unix
side. so if it doesn't exist on unix, it doesn't exist at all. mail just
isn't delivered locally on the unix side.)


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