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Subject: perhaps a silly question (mail_queue_enter permission problem)
From: jesse (jesselists.tao.ca)
Date: Sun Sep 24 2000 - 07:56:49 CDT

hi, i'm new to postfix, and am just learning how it all works.

i've installed it successfully on one system, and with it, a nice install
of majordomo, where everything is working fine.

however on another system, i'm getting some errors, which i suspect relate
to majordomo, but i'm having trouble tracking down exactly what's wrong. i
was wondering if i could get some help in diagnosing or identifying what i
should be looking at. here's what gets looped into mail.warn when i try to
send a request to majordomo, however, these types of errors might also be
stemming from other email trying to get in/out of the system:

Sep 24 08:43:38 toronto postfix/postdrop[353]: warning: mail_queue_enter:
create file maildrop/992608.353: Permission denied