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Subject: Domain Rewrite Question & size restrictions
From: Tony Giacomo (tgiacomomindspring.com)
Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 20:19:23 CDT

I am setting up postfix for the first time to run on my bastion mail host that resides in my DMZ network. This host receives all inbound mail to my domain(s) and passes it to my Exchange server (yeah I know, Exchange sucks).


My company recently purchased another company that uses 3 domain names and we are consolidating to one. I would like to MX all of the mail to point to my bastion host and have it change the 3 domains for the recipients on the inbound mail. For example make the following changes within postfix:

bobcompany1.com -> bobmycompany.com
joecompany2.com -> joemycompany.com
tommycompany3.com -> tommymycompany.com
tonymycompany.com -> tonymycompany.com (unchanged of course)

What is the best way to do this (I hope it is possible) with postfix? Can someone provide me with a clear example or a good reference?

Also, is it possible to limit inbound mail to a maximum message size?

Thanks for the help.

Tony Giacomo