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Subject: Re: pf log "delay=2"
From: Len Conrad (lconradGo2France.com)
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 06:15:45 CDT

>Delay is the time spent in the Postfix queue.

Being more precise, from the point the incoming msg is confirmed by
OS as written to postfix's disk to the point where the next-hop MTA
returns a "250" to postfix's terminating "."?

Or are we extrapolating precision beyond what is there?

Sorry to be so tedious, but we're tuning up a new IMGate install and
are wondering why the pflogsumm "avg dly" is reporting 7 seconds for
pf to shoot msgs down a 100BaseT wire to an Imail server and why
reporting under just 5 seconds to send to some servers off site, over
a live, daily sample of 30K messages.

We think Imail's box is having some tuning issues of its own. 2x500
MHz P3, with spool+log on one IDE controller/disk and mailboxes on a
2nd IDE controler/disk. Since Imail has many sites with 100+ K
mailboxes on one server, we're wondering what/where resistance is
there that makes postfix take 7 seconds on avg to inject a msg into
Imail's fairly powerful box.

Thanks for exposing so much detail in the logs, and to Jim for pflogsumm.

btw, do we get a star on our football helmet for each new postfix
goal we "score" ? :-))


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