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Subject: Outbound connection/Content Filter limit
From: Stephen Bolinger (pflistpigglet.com)
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 19:02:46 CDT

I have Postfix configured to relay all mail to a separate address via a
transport map. It sends the mail to a separate process which handles spam,
virus, etc... When I performance test this setup, I send 1000 messages
through. Postfix queues the messages within seconds, but then seems to
space out its delivery to the relay machine by about 1 second per message.
I've also had the same setup using the ContentFilter attribute rather than
the transport map but saw the same performance issues.

Is there some variable I can set to tune this aspect of performance? When I
connect to the filtering program (the thing I'm relaying all the mail to)
directly, I can throw about 5 messages per second at it. How can I make
Postfix relay the mail faster?


-Stephen Bolinger