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Subject: OFF TOPIC: Exchange 2000 relay setup
From: Franck Martin (francksopac.org)
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 20:22:52 CDT

Sorry to be off topic, but I have this problem on one of the site and I
cannot find any information about it.

I'm trying to setup an Exchange 2000 server to queue mail for another
server. The Exchange server 2000 is setup to receive mail for
domain1.com and it does not allow relay except from a range of ip
addresses which are clients to the server.

I have created an SMTP connector for domain2.com to queue the mail for
remote triggered mail delivery (ETRN)

I test the system by telnet port 25. The system accept mail for
domain1.com but not for domain2.com (do not relay) The etrn domain2.com
command is accepted.

In Exchange 5.5 in the Internet connector you could specify that you
want to accept e-mail for external domains to authorise relay of
particular domains. I cannot find this setting in Exchange 2000.

BTW: Any comments on the way Exchange2000 handles e-mail with Postfix ?

Thanks for your help.