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Subject: Re: high capacity configuration nightmares
From: Greg Stark (gsstarkmit.edu)
Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 15:59:23 CDT

"Tomas Sokorai Sch." <tsokoraiuach.cl> writes:

> > FWIW I've been playing with XFS on Linux a bit, which I believe is a
> > "safe" filesystem for mail, and the performance is rather nice:
> Anyone playing with ReiserFS + Postfix?

Second hand experience with another MTA is that ReiserFS handled fsync poorly.
Each fsync caused a log checkpoint which became a bottleneck. I'm not exactly
clear because someone else described this to me, but it seems like a
reasonable analysis.

Otherwise the combination seems like it would be ideal. In a fully log
structured filesystem meta-data operations could avoid the serialized
bottleneck they are in ffs style filesystems.