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Subject: Re: Databases... (DB & CDB in particular)
From: Michael Ju. Tokarev (mjttls.msk.ru)
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 20:56:39 CST

Marc Martinez wrote:
> well, I grabbed your patch, which applied cleanly to the 20001121 snapshot,
> but I seem to run into problems using postmap to create the .cdb files.
> when it attempts to write to the .tmp file it's passing off a bad file
> descriptor to write(), and simply bombs leaving 0 byte .cdb and .cdb.tmp
> files behind it. if you're not aware of what the problem could be I'll try
> and build a debuggable version later on and run it through gdb to see what I
> can find out that way. using the other cdb tools I have from the "freecdb"
> debian package I've been able to construct the necessary .cdb files I wanted
> to test with (using a quick perl script I wrote to prep the format) and it
> all seems to run well once the files are in place, I just can't use postmap
> to try and update the maps or it leaves more 0 length files around instead.

Yet another my bad (first fing was with ftp url). I put previous version of
the patch to ftp area... Get the updated one from the same place.
My apologizes.
BTW, there are some other problems with that patch, as pointed by Wietse,
so them should be addressed also (concurrent updates to the same file for
example), and I'll do so shortly.