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Subject: Re: Passing mail to pop3d??
From: Ari Gordon-Schlosberg (regsnebcorp.com)
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 23:19:56 CST

[Phil Kimble <kimerudkscable.com>]
> Postfix is running, not bouncing mail all over the place anymore. Now how do
> I get postfix to pass mail to pop3d??

You don't. You have postfix deliver mail to mailboxes on the local system.
Then you point pop3d to those mailboxes and it serves them out via the POP
protocol. "mailboxes" is usually just shorthand for "plain old text files that
contain mail in a specific format."

Your mailboxes are probably in /var/spool/mail/, or delivered to
$HOME/.INBOX on a user-by-user basis. Either way, the pop3d docs should
walk you through how to get at them.

There is no magic conduit between postfix and pop3d. They both just
operate on standard format text files. They just need to be in agreement
on where those files are.

[Come to think of it, there is a magic conduit... known as a file system! :) ]

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