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From: Rene Pijlman (rpijlmanwanadoo.nl)
Date: Sun Jul 15 2001 - 09:49:12 CDT

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    I wrote:
    >The SmartList FAQ says about using Postfix:
    >"For large lists it may be advantageous to replace choplist with the
    >direct sendmail wrapper call because postfix doesn't need a helper
    >program for the load balancing."
    >So how do I do that exactly?

    For the archives... I got the following tip on the SmartList mailing

    :You need to add an alias to your postfix aliases db like
    : test-dist: :include:/path_to_your_test-dist_file
    :That hint should also be added to the SmartList FAQ.

    Yes, Wietse was right of course :-)

    René Pijlman
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