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Re: Rejecting spam and viruses at SMTP time

From: Magnus Bäck (magnusdsek.lth.se)
Date: Wed May 03 2006 - 13:30:27 CDT

On Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 08:17 CEST,
     Paul Johnson <balooursine.ca> wrote:

> On Tuesday 02 May 2006 21:53, Magnus Bäck wrote:
> > Your idea is fundamentally flawed. How are you supposed to handle
> > multi-recipient messages? You can only give one status code per
> > message.
> In exim, I defaulted to nobody for multiple recipient stuff to avoid
> it getting messy, since few messages are multiple recipient coming
> from the outside world at this site.

I prefer solutions that always work.

> > Is that really important?
> Yes. No other good way for users to be able to configure and train
> their spam filters.

I think you'll get better accuracy with one large central Bayes store
rather than one per user. Do your users really have so differing
opinions about what is spam and ham? And are they really interested
in tinkering with their antispam setup after the first week?

Magnus Bäck