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Re: DomainKeys

From: Jason Long (jlongmessiah.edu)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2006 - 16:09:33 CDT

DK wrote:
> Hello,
> I like to setup DomainKeys.
> I found a HowTo but need a little help with my ports. 10025 and 10026
> are already in use by amavis-new. Can I just use 10023 and 10024 for
> DomainKeys and if so what else do I have to change or watch out for?
Yes, just change the port numbers for the DomainKeys filter. The port
numbers are specified in the startup file for dkfilter.

> What I also don't get is:
> Once mail is received how is the next destination controlled. I mean
> how do I make sure it goes first to and then to
Probably the easiest thing to do is chain the two filters directly
together. Configure the DomainKeys filter to listen on port 10023 and
transmit to port 10025 (which is used by Amavis). Then find your
content_filter setting in Postfix (probably in main.cf) which currently
specifies port 10025. Change it to port 10023. You do not need to add
anything to master.cf.