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RE: Postfix support on IBM PowerPC / Power 5 64 bit hw

Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 11:05:12 CDT

> Thanks all for the responses so far.
> Is there anyone doing what I propose? More specifically running
> postfix on Linux (RH or Suse ) LPAR's on IBM Power (4/5) RISC
> servers. I am interested in knowing if RH or Suse keeps the postfix
> RPMS up to date for this architecture.

I run postfix on P5 servers on both AIX 5.3 and Suse 9 and 10. I have had
no problems just recompiling the version I wanted from source.

FYI SUSE 10 ships with 2.2.9

John Hendrickson
Manager, Open Systems Support
(661) 284-4178