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Re: Delay incoming mail via from addresses

From: Victor Duchovni (Victor.DuchovniMorganStanley.com)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2006 - 13:18:32 CDT

On Thu, Jun 22, 2006 at 02:12:54PM -0400, Steve Krawcke wrote:

> would this send along all mail from you.example.com or to
> you.example.com.. if I am not mistaken this would send along all the
> mail to you.example.com...

The transport table routes recipients. An in this case the rule ensures
that mail *to* your users is held. All other mail is not held.

> I need to base this on the from address, so I need to pass all mail
> from you.example.com to my users.

This is for a perimeter gateway deployment, so presumably internal
mail does not traverse this system. If your public MX host and your
internal mail hub are on the same IP:port, this becomes more complex.

It is possible, but you have to understand the mechanisms, and work
out the details. The basic idea is hold what you need to delay in
the queue of a second Postfix instance. Getting the required messages
into that instance is up to you.


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