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Re: Multiple domains and sinlge incoming server with spam/virus filtering...

From: Jan P. Kessler (postfixjpkessler.info)
Date: Fri Oct 05 2007 - 07:53:46 CDT

Brett Walker schrieb:
> Postfix runs with a myhostname of globalfoods.com, at IP I'm
> sending email from jimmyschickenshack.com, at IP Without the
> fancy configuring, the email will look like it came from the server
> globalfoods.com, not jimmyschickenshack.com. Since the email came
> from jimjimmyschickenshack.com, but was actually from the
> globalfoods.com server, isn't that a red flag for the spam filters?

No it isn't. No Spamfilter should correlate senderdomain and
clientaddress except a zone has SPF, SenderID or DKIM/Domainkeys
configured. So it's just a cosmetical issue ("hey look, the chicken guys
are snuggling with the globalfood freaks").

To be sure you can set up SPF records for jimmyschickenshack.com
allowing that their mail might be sent by the mailsystems of