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Fwd: reject_unverified_recipient + greylisting = lost mails (fixed thanks)

From: jesse hassett (jhassettzloop.com)
Date: Mon Oct 08 2007 - 14:03:32 CDT

> The example in the docs show using it after "permit_mynetworks,
> reject_unauth_destination", which will limit verification to
> untrusted clients sending mail to locally handled domains - using a
> table isn't necessary.
Hmmm, gotcha. I thought thats what I was using when i was having my issues with the greylisting. I couldn't figure out why the policy was being applied to mails my app was sending. Probably something else weird I am or was doing somewhere else. Or maybe postfix simply needed to be restarted. Either way all is working well on my end now with the use of the check_recipient_access hash of a file containing my domain name and reject_unverified_recipient.

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> Noel Jones