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Re: Messages stuck in active queue

From: Denis Souza (denis.souzagmail.com)
Date: Fri Jan 11 2008 - 15:26:43 CST

I ran the command. It created the output in the logs. Yes, egrep found the
ouput once I ran it:

Jan 11 19:23:11 gw postfix/postlog: warning: warning: this is a test
Denis Souza
On Jan 11, 2008 7:20 PM, Wietse Venema <wietseporcupine.org> wrote:

> Denis Souza:
> > Doing as your link suggests (*egrep '(warning|error|fatal|panic):'*)
> returns
> > nothing, really.
> Run this command:
> $ postlog -p warn warning: this is a test
> and see if the egrep command (as shown above) finds its output in the
> logs.
> Wietse