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Re: How to configure a "pseudo null client"?

Date: Tue Apr 08 2008 - 08:44:00 CDT

To All: the Saga of configuring a "pseudo null client" has come to
a successful conclusion, in that mail sent to "postmaster" on my
home Linux box is now successfully passed on, as /etc/aliases
prescribes, first to root and then on to alan. Questions
however remain; see below.

A couple of remarks to Viktor D. First, thanks for your suggestion,
for it worked. For I installed procmail, and now the so long desired
local delivery takes place. See however below.

Viktor writes further:
>> >> /usr/bin/procmail: No such file or directory sh: line 0: exec:
>> >> /usr/bin/procmail: cannot execute: No such file or directory )
>> >> Apr 7 16:06:56 localhost postfix/qmgr[4659]: ECE99470DF: removed
>> >
>> > What do you make of this?
>> Second question. My answer is very little. I have already,
>> at Mouss' suggestion commented out any reference to procmail
>> in my main.cf .
> You can't really operate a Postfix system if you can't make any sense of
> the logs.
      <LOL> If reading the logs were the only problem!! I don't know
      whether you've been following the many exchanges between me and
      Mouss, so you may have missed the interminable sequence of
      "gotchas" that I have had to overcome:
      1. The definition of "null client", which I cited early on and
      which is, at least to my eye, inaccurate(hence my "pseudo null
      2. The fact that postfix worked for me and for my _very_ humble
      needs for five(5) years, previous to my upgrade from sarge to
      3. I learn only after several exchanges with the valiant Mouss
      about the ability to introduce smtp_generic_maps. Only after
      that was I able to free myself from the need to set myorigin
      to "patriotnet", as recommended in the new Debian etch.
      4. Last, but not least: a while back Mouss spotted, as did I,
      the reference to procmail in the logs. He recommended commenting
      out a reference to procmail in main.cf. By this time, I,
      shell-shocked, was just a zombie carrying out instructions.

      And you talk about logs!

> because your mailbox is configured for delivery via "procmail" and
> procmail
> is not installed.
      I hope that you will take a minute of your time to explain the
      above phrase. How is /var/mail/alan, a file in standard mbox
      format, "configured for delivery via procmail"?? I note that
      when I grep master.cf and main.cf for procmail, the term does
      not show up. I also note that in the SOHO document, which
      Mouss adroitly pointed me at, and which would seem to cover
      my situation, procmail is nowhere mentioned.

      As an old-time Linuxer(I've used Linux at home and at work
      exclusively since 1994 -- kernel version 0.99 pl 12) I am
      a great admirer of procmail and use it. That postfix depends
      on it for local delivery should IMHO be mentioned somewhere in
      the documentation.

>> Now I have one question to you, Viktor: was it your intention to
>> be helpful with your four questions, or are you just posting to
>> be bullying?
> You can teach a man to fish, ... I prefer to give people a chance to
> figure it out for themselves. Some do, and benefit by doing it.
      I admire your pedagogical method, Viktor. I was a math professor
      for twenty years, and tried to instill active learning in
      my students. But I did not throw students into the study of
      elliptic curves when they were still struggling with Cal I. And
      I learned early on to recognize when people were shell-shocked.

To all, again: I can post information about my experiences trying to
get a "pseudo null client" working, and can submit a commented
main.cf, if there is a desire for this. This present E-mail is
already long enough.

Finally, to Mouss: many thanks!