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Re: why every minute: "reload configuration /etc/postfix" - SOLVED

From: Bill Cole (postfixlists-070913billmail.scconsult.com)
Date: Fri May 09 2008 - 08:51:57 CDT

At 12:13 PM +0200 5/9/08, Andy Spiegl wrote:
>> What a braindead idea. Why not reboot the box, too.
>I agree.
> "Alert: You have moved your mouse. Please reboot to activate the
>changes!" :-)
>But I still don't think that this was done on purpose.
>If I'd understand who/what is doing this reload
>then I'd know whom to send the bug report.
>I can't find anything in the bind docs.

You cited /etc/init.d/bind9, which is not part of ISC BIND v9 but
rather (probably) a shell script provided by whoever packaged your


At 11:42 AM +0200 5/9/08, Andy Spiegl wrote:
>Strange. Here, "/etc/init.d/bind9 stop" or "... start" immediately
>leads to this line in the postfix log:
> postfix/master[14598]: reload configuration /etc/postfix
>This happens even after I stop all services except postfix, bind and
>sshd on this machine (see process list below). Setting back bind to
>its defaults didn't help either.

I would suggest that you look inside /etc/init.d/bind9, fix it,
figure out who wrote it, and avoid using any other software they have
a hand in...

Bill Cole