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Re: Best way to update postfix/spamassassin from client?

From: Leo Ofenstein (kashmastersbcglobal.net)
Date: Thu May 22 2008 - 16:11:29 CDT

Chris St Denis wrote:
> Leo Ofenstein wrote:
>> I've got a couple 1,000 junk emails in a "junk" folder on my Windoze
>> laptop, that sa didn't catch. What's the best way to make them
>> available for the sa learning?
> If you use IMAP you can move them to another imap folder then dump
> that folder into sa-learn.
Welllll... the domain does have a webmail (squirrelmail) although I
don't use it... and that's IMAP, right? So for /home/leo/Maildir/...
what does "another imap folder" consist of?