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Re: block one email from being relayed?

From: mouss (moussnetoyen.net)
Date: Wed Jun 04 2008 - 14:23:54 CDT

Joachim Rosenfeld wrote:
>>> So here is the problem, we want to block ONE SINGLE email address,
>>> "fooexample.org" and send it to /dev/null on our relayhost, but
>>> let all the other mail in the *example.org space through to
>>> example.org.
>> You specifically want to accept and then discard mail to this address?
> Yes. The mails in question are all cron job reports, and right now, we
> just want to silently accept and discard. Later on we will go through
> all hosts and clean up these cron jobs, among other things.
>> Then a transport_maps entry is probably easiest.
> How is a transport map different from an access table? Going through the
> docs, access tables *seems* to be what I am looking for.

access actions apply to a message, not to a recipient. so if you use
DISCARD and a message is sent to multiple recipients, the message is
discarded. with transport_maps, only the copy to the "unwanted" user is

also, access actions only apply to mail received via smtpd. I guess this
is your case though.