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Virtual Alias Tables

From: Matthew (mattmlatinionline.com)
Date: Tue Sep 23 2008 - 23:26:25 CDT

I have what (I hope) is a reasonably simple question.
I am using virtual aliases in /etc/postfix/virtual in the following

user1domain.com user1
user2domain.com user 2
webmasterdomain.com webmaster

I also have a catchall address setup as follows
domain.com catchall

This routes the mail appropriately and I am satisfied with the basic

The issue I'm having is the interrelation with /etc/aliases and the
system accounts.
I want all of the system/pseudo accounts to forward to root and
eventually root's mail to forward to a specified user on the system.
This way system messages, daily logs etc go to this particular user. So
the format in /etc/aliases is as follows.
mail: root
webmaster: root
# Person who should get root's mail
root: regularuser

Again, this works fine on it's own. The problem is the interrelation
between these two files.
So to summarize, the Postfix routing works great using the virtual
aliases, but the system accounts don't work as intended.
If I don't use virtual aliases in Postfix (which I really need to) then
they internal routing works fine.
I know there's a simple solution and it's right in front of me, I just
can't see it...

Any help with this is sincerely appreciated.

--Matthew Latini