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SMTP sessions

From: Rocco Scappatura (Rocco.Scappaturainfracom.it)
Date: Wed Jan 28 2009 - 05:39:01 CST


I have a mail gateway system that consists of several
Postfix+MySQL+Amavisd-new machines behind a load balancer.

I have defined a balancing policy based on number of SMTP sessions that
every server has to manage.

But, even if the session is perfectly balanced, I see that the average
latency of a message in Postfix queues is too high on some machines and
quite zero on other.

And the same happens for CPU's load.

What I infer is that every session can be used to devilver/send
different email messages (other then every message as inerently a
different size).

It is right my argument or Im wrong in something? If yes, has Postfix
the control of the number of message that could be manage by each SMTP