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Re: Multiple "From:" in a mail header?

From: Victor Duchovni (Victor.Duchovnimorganstanley.com)
Date: Thu Jan 14 2010 - 13:14:48 CST

On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 08:07:34PM +0100, Ralf Hildebrandt wrote:

> * K??rlis Repsons <karlis.repsonsgmail.com>:
> > > According to RFC 5322:
> > >
> > > from = "From:" mailbox-list CRLF
> > > mailbox-list = (mailbox *("," mailbox)) / obs-mbox-list
> > >
> > > Thus, one From: header may contain multiple addresses.
> >
> > Well, another possible trouble I was about to ask later, but still, can there
> > be multiple From:?
> > And in what cases can there be multiple addresses in From: field? Its strange.
> > If anyone knows...
> RFC 5322 speaks of the From: field in singluar only, thus only one is
> allowed:

The same is true for "To:" and "Cc:" and yet in practice, multiple
"To:" and "Cc:" fields are sometimes sent and are processed collectively
by typical email software. The Postfix sendmail(1) command, when used
to send email to recipients specified via the message headers (the "-t"
switch) will collect recipient addresses from multiple "To:", "Cc:" and
"Bcc:" headers.

It may be prudent to also treat:

        From: <authorA>
        From: <authorB>

as synonymous with:

        From: <authorA>, <authorB>

the implied meaning is that the people with those email addresses,
co-authored the email.


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