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Re: OT: The Book of Postfix

From: J. Bakshi (joydeepinfoservices.in)
Date: Thu Jan 28 2010 - 01:30:00 CST

A very very good news :-)

Patrick Ben Koetter wrote:
> * Julien Vehent <julienlinuxwall.info>:
>> On Wed, 27 Jan 2010 19:29:17 +0100, Patrick Ben Koetter
>> <pstate-of-mind.de> wrote:
>>> * JORGE CARMINATI <jcarminatipluspetrol.net>:
>>>> Hi! I just want to know if the authors of this book are planning to
>>>> release
>>>> an updated revision with erratas fixes, etc and when (if applies).
>>>> Thanks
>>>> in advance.
>>> Good news: We are in the middle of it. There will be new chapters, fixes
>>> for
>>> errors etc. Todays count: 10 chapters down. Still many to go.
>>> Bad news: We don't know when the book will be published.
>> That's still an excellent news, I was wondering the same thing a few times
>> ago.
>> Do you know, at least, if it's going to be released in 2010 or later ?
> My personal goal is to finish editing within the next 4 weeks. Add some delay
> due to 'reality meets patricks schedule'. We'll start an iterative review
> process with the publisher next week. I don't know how quick they are, but
> midth of 2010 seems feasible to me.
> prick

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