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Re: Postfix - Timeout While Sending End of Data (slightly OT)

From: Ansgar Wiechers (listsplanetcobalt.net)
Date: Tue Feb 16 2010 - 15:55:46 CST

On 2010-02-16 LuKreme wrote:
> On 16-Feb-2010, at 12:11, Ansgar Wiechers wrote:
>> On 2010-02-16 LuKreme wrote:
>>> On 15-Feb-2010, at 03:23, Barney Desmond wrote:
>>>> Experts Exchange is viewable (at least) from google searches.
>>> No it isn't.
>> Yes it is.
> The link you posted had no visible answer. It had a banner about
> signing up and that was all (I checked from my laptop which has no
> /etc/hosts/ and is not signed in to Google.

I wasn't the one posting the link, but I checked it when DJ Lucas posted
it and checked it again just now, and it does havve a visible answer (at
the bottom of the page).

I'm using SeaMonkey and changed my browser's user agent string as
described before. I also tried the Google search approach and it yielded
the exact same results.

Can we now *please* stop discussing this silly topic? Or at least take
it off list? Thank you.

Ansgar Wiechers
"Abstractions save us time working, but they don't save us time learning."
--Joel Spolsky