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Re: Messages held in hold queue didn't bounce after release

From: Noel Jones (njonesmegan.vbhcs.org)
Date: Thu Apr 01 2010 - 15:40:04 CDT

On 4/1/2010 3:27 PM, Daniel Cizinsky wrote:
> Hello!
> Although documentation is very clear about it following didn't work as
> expected:
> 1. I put a message, which wasn't able to go through to recipients on hold
> (it was sent on 17th March, on hold from about 18th) using postsuper -h ID.
> 2. Today I released the message using postsuper -H ID. I wanted it to be
> bounced back to the sender. But it was delivered (private data changed):
> Apr 1 22:04:07 machine postfix/smtp[23964]: ID: to=<recipentmail.com>,
> relay=mail.server.com[]:25, delay=1339602,
> delays=1339519/0.01/2/81, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 Mail 1234 queued
> for delivery)
> I have explicitly (for sure) stated in main.cf:
> maximal_queue_lifetime = 5d
> What's wrong? Is the queue lifetime valid only for locally delivered mail?
> --
> Daniel Cizinsky at lists

This is expected behavior. Mail released from hold with
"postsuper -H" always gets at least one chance to be delivered
regardless of its age.

   -- Noel Jones