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Re: How to log/archive full outgoing mails including BCC info?

From: Jeroen Geilman (jeroenadaptr.nl)
Date: Tue Sep 21 2010 - 14:05:35 CDT

On 09/21/2010 08:56 PM, Yang Zhang wrote:
> How do you get Postfix to keep a log of all outgoing mails, in their
> complete form (all headers + payload) as received from clients? The
> closest param I've found so far are always_bcc& friends, but these
> lose some information (at least the BCC field). Thanks in advance for
> any hints.
> --
> Yang Zhang
> http://yz.mit.edu/

Email does not have a "BCC field".
The mail client generates the messages that are caused by specifying BCC
recipients, adding each BCC recipient in turn.

If the message DID contain a "BCC" field, it would still be there when
the recipient received it.
This more or less defeats the entire purpose of the "BCC" functionality....

You need to look to your email client for logging that.