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Re: How to extract information from postfix log through cron ?

From: J. Bakshi (joydeepinfoservices.in)
Date: Tue Dec 14 2010 - 03:27:40 CST

On Mon, 13 Dec 2010 12:24:10 +0530
"J. Bakshi" <joydeepinfoservices.in> wrote:

> Hello postfix gurus,
> I have an email server built on postfix+dovecot+mysql (I have made it based on ISP style mailserver available at net ) for our organization and the system is running for more than 4 yrs. I like to arrange something which can analyze the mail log everyday and send me an email at night about the total mail send by different users, at what destination, the subject of the mail, the bounce mail etc.. This is required for the internal record keeping of our organization. Is there any linux based application which can do the same ? I have a felling this can also be done with shell script, any idea ?
> Thanks for your time

Any clue please ?