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Re: milter postfix for the geolocation addresses and headers X-Anti-Abuse

From: Wietse Venema (wietseporcupine.org)
Date: Mon May 02 2011 - 10:22:51 CDT

> hello list
> hello gurus
> hello ? Wietse Venema
> I would like to write a milter to postfix to achieve a geolocation addresses
> and headers X-Anti-Abuse
> you tell me with mimedefang is very simple
> I have tried with success
> but when I've put my achievements in production
> the headers X-SenderID disappears
> so I wonder why after having added mimedefang header and X-SenderID disappears
> Do you know a milter to the geolocation
> this may be easy to realize native with postfix
> thanks .... s /// ;)

Please provide one or more of the following.

a) Free crystal balls.

b) Free telepathic services.

c) Concrete information about this problem.