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setting up ldap auth

From: jeffrey j donovan (donovanbeth.k12.pa.us)
Date: Sun Apr 01 2012 - 20:26:54 CDT


im setting up an authenticated relay for some users. using SASL/TLSv1 dovecot auth, pam.
for local users things work fine. but im getting myself confused on how to incorporate ldap users hosted on a remote system. i understand i need to create a virtual alias map for those users.
but passing the remote authentication has me chasing my tail. the user mailboxes are not stored locally, only system users get local delivery. so I can use transport maps once the user has authenticated.
Im using a debian system, and the docs are outdated compared to the files installed for dovecot. ( dovecot.conf --> !include conf.d/*.conf ).
there are so many options that Im not able to follow a clear path. many tutorials I have read start great, but then have gaps, or they are version dependent.

I have read that could modify PAM to use ldap for credentials. Many of the docs I have read use cyrus for authentication. but this seems a bit off track, or is it a viable way to allow ldap users to relay ?

can someone point me in the right direction. Do i need to adjust, postfix to read ldap, or dovecot, or sasluthd, or pam , or all of the above.

tnx in advance.