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Re: Postfix missing AUTH?

From: Mike Jones! (property.of.mike.jonesgmail.com)
Date: Thu Apr 05 2012 - 13:38:53 CDT

On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 2:32 PM, Wietse Venema <wietseporcupine.org> wrote:
> You forgot to look at all the warning messages in the mail logfile.
> http://www.postfix.org/DEBUG_README.html#logging
>        Wietse

Good note, I forgot to mention that there were none. I've been
tailing mail.{err,info,log,warn} and there are no complaints there.
Sorry, forgot to mention :(

Here is the ouput from the previously mentioned log files of
restarting the daemon, then connecting in and giving an EHLO again:

/var/log/mail.info and /var/log/mail.log:
Apr 5 14:33:30 int0x80 postfix/master[6250]: terminating on signal 15
Apr 5 14:33:30 int0x80 postfix/master[6521]: daemon started --
version 2.9.1, configuration /etc/postfix
Apr 5 14:33:37 int0x80 postfix/smtpd[6528]: connect from
Apr 5 14:33:45 int0x80 postfix/smtpd[6528]: lost connection after
EHLO from
Apr 5 14:33:45 int0x80 postfix/smtpd[6528]: disconnect from

/var/log/mail.err and /var/log/mail.warn have nothing.