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Re: Content_filter for local users

Date: Sun Aug 10 2014 - 21:25:05 CDT

Am 11.08.2014 um 03:26 schrieb Karol Pomaski:
> I was trying to use my content_filter to create the vacation engine for my users. It works as a content_filter but only if the emails are coming from outside.
> I am trying to enable the vacation script to work also for local emails. Lets say we create autoresponder for johndomain.tld, so now sending email to john from emillydomain.tld I would get the autoresponse.

i doubt that a SMTP filter knows a difference but as usual
post "postconf -n" and logs to help you

don't create a new naive responder, there are way too much!

* you need a loop-protection (remember from/to combination already sent)
* don't respond to messages with list and other special headers