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Postfix and multipolicy setup

From: Nerijus Kislauskas (nerijus.kislauskasktu.lt)
Date: Tue Aug 26 2014 - 09:17:08 CDT

Hi everybody,

I'm doing an installation of our university main mail gateway. Assume,
that with one postfix instance I want to receive mail mx-1.domain.tld
(inbound policy) and provide mail services to our employees with
smtp.domain.tld (outbound policy). My postfix instance should listen on
mx-1.domain.tld:25. There I will put postscreen in front. For outbound
mail the same instance should listen on smtp.domain.tld:{25,465.587}.

Can I get rid of configuring master.cf? If it is possible, how? If not,
what is better: put mx or smtp listeners in master.cf?

In production there will be 3 postfix instances with 2 domains being
served as mx and smtp, 1 for system itself, over 16 IP adresses (both v4
and v6) and a cluster on top of that. I need as much simple
configuration as it could be.

Thanks for any advice.
Nerijus Kislauskas
KTU ITD, Litnet valdymo centras
Studentu g. 48a - 101, Kaunas
tel.: (8~37) 30 06 45
mob. tel.: 8-614-93889
e-mail.: nerijus.kislauskasktu.lt