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Subject: Re: Q not found in the archives...
From: tech_relatedIP.PT
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 14:29:24 CDT

Hi Xavier,

>At 20:40 +0000 10/07/2000, tech_relatedIP.PT wrote:
>>But bear in mind that, although widely used in the linux world, Tripwire isn't GPLed, although it can be freely used in
some cases and it is planned that the source code will be made public next Fall.

>Uuuh ? The source is already available : I _compiled_ it on my servers, including a MC68k BSD, for which I'm sure ther are
never been any binaries :-)

I hadn't checked tripwire.com, but if you look at http://www.tripwire.com/products/linux.cfm? you will see that the source
for the current version of Tripwire will only be made public next Fall.

But I believe you are partially right: I once heard that there was an "academic license" which granted access to the source
(not sure if it is the source for the *current* release, though). But I believe it wasn't similar to GPL.