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Subject: Re: Q not found in the archives...
From: Cypr j0r (cypressNISMO.ORG)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 19:47:36 CDT

Security focus have a couple of shell scripts to generate the md5 and then regulary check them aswell in their Securing Linux series.


>Someone(s) on this mailing list mention a program that will periodically
>check the MD5/checksum/file size/whatever of the files on a Linux box and
>compare those results with the results from a previous run of the program
>(which are stored on a read-only medium). If the results don't match,
>alarms go off, emails are sent, Interpol is called in and Captain Jean-Luc
>Picard issues a "Red alert!". :-)
>What is the name of that program?
>I've gone through the archives over at SecurityFocus.com (you guys *really*
>need a way to search the mail archives!) and I couldn't find what I was
>looking for.

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