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Subject: Re: users only ftp access
From: Steven Vittitoe (boolGTE.NET)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 11:34:10 CDT

Eh, I am having the same problem... if I change a users
shell to /bin/false FTPd will no allow them access...

I am running 4 services... POP3, SSH, FTP, mySQL. I want
my users to only have access to POP3 and FTP. mySQL is
easy enough... just don't add them to its user table...
POP3 will work with a shell of /bin/false.... but the
problem still laies in FTP. Does anyone have any advice?

>Give them a shell of /bin/false and ensure that /bin/false
>is in /etc/shells
>(it contains a list of all of the valid shells for the



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>>From: Al Sar [mailto:<A
>>Sent: Wednesday, 9 August 2000 8:29 AM
>>Subject: users only ftp access

>>Is there anybody who can tell me how can I set up user too
>>have access only on FTP server ,Linux RedHat6.0